FOURWAYS HIGH Stadium seating

FOURWAYS HIGH Stadium seating

Project details



Project Goals

Fourways High School commissioned Psaltis Civils to construct a stadium seating structure to enhance the viewing experience for students and families attending sports courts. The key objectives were to design and build seating that offered unobstructed views, ensured optimal sightlines from every seat, and seamlessly integrated with existing surroundings.


Project Overview

Client: Fourways High School
Location: Fourways, Johannesburg,
Project Duration: 5 Months
Completion Date: Feb 2024


Scope of Work

The project involved

  1. Initial Site Assessment: Evaluating the location for seating construction.
  2. Design Development: Creating an optimal seating arrangementfor clear visibility.
  3. Construction: Building the stadium seating,retaining wall, and paving.
  4. Quality Assurance: Ensuring the stability and safety ofthe structure.


Initial Site Assessment -Psaltis Civils began with an extensive site assessment, including

  • Topographical surveys to understand the terrain.
  • Analysis of sightlines and angles to determine the best seating elevations.
  • Soiltesting to decide on the ideal foundation approach.

Design Development – The design phase focused on

  • Stadium Seating: Creating tiered seating to provide excellent views from all seats.
  • Retaining Wall: Designing a retaining wall to support the tennis grounds.
  • Paving solution: Ensuring easy access around the court and to the stadium seating.
  • Accessibility: Ensuring ease of access for all students and family members.
  • Aesthetic Integration: Combining the seating design with the school’s existing structures.

Construction – During construction, several key processes were followed

  • Foundation Work: Laying a solid foundation to supportthe seating and retaining wall.
  • Seating Structure: Constructing elevated tiers using high-quality materials for durability.
  • Retaining Wall Construction: Building a sturdy retaining wallto supportthe elevated seating.
  • Paving: Installing paving around the seating area for smooth and safe access.

Quality Assurance – Post-construction,rigorous checks were conducted to ensure

  • Structural Integrity: Testing the stability and durability of all components.
  • Safety Compliance: Ensuring the seating met all local safety standards and regulations.
  • Final Inspection: Thorough inspection to confirm the project met all design and functionalrequirements.



The completed stadium seating structure at Fourways High School provides an optimal viewing experience for all attendees. The tiered design ensures unobstructed views from every seat, enhancing enjoyment of sporting events. The retaining wall and paving seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment, creating a cohesive
and appealing space.


Client Feedback

Professional execution and timely completion ofthe project. The new seating arrangement has significantly improved the spectator experience at school sports events.



The Fourways High School stadium seating project exemplifies our capability to deliver high-quality, custom-designed solutions tailored to client needs. Through comprehensive planning, innovative design, and precise execution, we successfully achieved a functional and aesthetically pleasing seating arrangement, enhancing the overall experience for students and their families.